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posted by Nathan Tykocki, current Graduate Student

Pharmacology and Toxicology are unique disciplines, in that they integrate the methods and techniques of nearly all the Biological Sciences to reach a common goal: to explain how substances interact with a living system to cause a response.  Our training may be in molecular biology, genetics, physiology or microbiology, but we Pharmacologists and Toxicologists integrate all of these strategies to understand ‘how we tick’.  We are a truly unique group of scientists;  and graduates from Michigan State University’s Pharmacology and Toxicology department are no exception.

The diverse academic and research applications of Pharmacology and Toxicology mean that our graduates have taken flight far from MSU’s ivy-covered halls.  We have moved to be clinician/scientists, biomedical researchers, teachers, academics, and national thought-leaders.  However, while our branches have spread thousands of miles, our roots will always be at Michigan State University.  For us all, our careers began right here – where we learned the value of good, careful research and the confidence to investigate the unknown.

During the week of Michigan State University’s Homecoming, I am reminded that there truly is “no place like home”. While many years may have passed since our graduates opened the door to the Life Sciences Building, our department wants to open its doors to you once again.  On Saturday, October 17th from 9 am to Noon, MSU’s department of Pharmacology and Toxicology is hosting an Alumni Reception and Tailgate outside of the Life Sciences Building.  We ask all of you to join us as we thank you for all the hard work that you gave to make us what we are, and let us show you where we are going in the future!

More information on the event can be found at, or please contact Diane Hummel (517/353-9616) to RSVP.

We hope to see you all homecoming weekend; to show you how your home has grown, and enjoy the company of our friends, new and old.